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How does the shaft current of the motor occur? Sep 27, 2018

How does the shaft current of the motor occur?


Tube Motors.jpgDuring the operation of the motor, if there is a shaft current between the two bearing ends or between the motor shaft and the bearing, the service life of the motor bearing will be greatly shortened. Slightly can run for thousands of hours, and even can only run for a few hours, which has a great impact on on-site safety production. At the same time, direct and indirect economic losses due to bearing damage and replacement are not subtotal.

Due to the stacking factors of the fan-shaped punching piece and the silicon steel sheet, and the presence of the iron core groove and the vent hole, the motor has an unbalanced magnetic resistance in the magnetic circuit, and there is an alternating magnetic flux cutting shaft around the rotating shaft. The shaft voltage is induced at both ends of the shaft. When the motor is operated by inverter power supply, since the power supply voltage contains higher harmonic components, electromagnetic induction occurs between the end of the stator winding coil, the wiring part and the rotating shaft under the action of the voltage pulse component, so that the potential of the rotating shaft changes. , thereby generating a shaft voltage.

There are more high-voltage equipment around the site where the motor is running, and the shaft voltage is induced at both ends of the shaft under the action of a strong electric field. Due to the complicated wiring on the operation site, especially the large motor protection and measuring component wiring, which one has the wire head overlapped on the rotating shaft, the shaft voltage will be generated.