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How to choose a tubular motor? Sep 07, 2018

How to choose a tubular motor?


Tube Motors.jpgThe tubular motor consists of a stroke part, a motor part, and a deceleration part, and the three parts are placed in a circular tube to work, hence the name. The stroke part of the tubular motor controls the upper and lower limits of the motor. The motor part is responsible for motor operation. The deceleration part uses planetary deceleration to reduce the rotation speed of the motor and increase the output torque. It is a normal phenomenon that the motor generates heat. This is the characteristic of the tubular motor. Because of its closed type, the heat dissipation is poor. The general continuous running time is 4 minutes, the maximum temperature can reach 120 degrees to 140 degrees, and the internal overheat protector is automatic. Disconnect and protect the motor from damage.

The choice of tubular motor mainly observes the following aspects. First, the overall manufacturing process level of the tubular motor body, whether the surface smoothness is flat, and whether the surface treatment process is flawed. The second is whether the torque of the motor is consistent with the label to avoid the phenomenon of virtual standard. The third is whether the motor is a mechanical stroke. The mechanical stroke must be adjusted manually for many times, and the built-in electronic limit tubular motor does not need to be adjusted by the hand to make it quick.