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How to Identify the Quality of Garage Door Jul 16, 2018


Foreword: As the number of cars continues to increase, garages have become a topic of increasing discussion. The garages in the various districts are no longer required by the original, slowly become a tight product, the price is also rising, how to do the problem of buying a house, buying a car, buying a garage, and an electric garage door? The rolling shutter is very easy to break, the anti-theft is poor, the noise is large, the iron door is easy to rust, and it has to be manually opened or closed manually. It is very troublesome, especially in hot weather or rain and snow weather. After such a toss, all the driving pleasures Then there was no such thing, so the remote garage door came into being.

One: Garage Door OpenerMore than a decade ago, the remote control garage door flowed into China, the earliest is a complete set of imports, domestic installation and after-sales service. With the maturity of production technology, domestic manufacturers can independently produce and export independently. With the development of the garage door market, the demand of garage door motors are also in big demand. As an important part of the garage door, users should choose a good brand and high quality of the door opener to let the door working stably.  Xiamen Universal Electronic Co., Ltd does a good job in the door motor field, the motors are made of real copper wires, with high quality raw materials and durable components.In this market,  there are already seldom manufactures still insist in making real copper wires door motors, many of which are just fake copper-that is made of aluminium wires.


Second: Select the manufacturerAt present, there are many garage doors brand in the world. The competition is very fierce. Because customers choose to install without asking for worries, they must have protection after sale. Therefore, they must pay attention to the brand. Third: Door panels and hardware accessoriesThe quality of the door panel is mainly divided into two parts: one is stability. The traditional white color steel plate, which was mainly popular in the market, has better stability and is simple and generous. But the shortcoming is that it is not resistant to dirt. The most stable quality is stainless steel door panel. The door panel is 4 cm thick and the outer layer is made of 304 stainless steel plate. It is elegant and bright, never rust, no dust, and special. Dirty, at present, the kind of flap door has gradually become popular in the world market.Therefore, consumers are advised to choose stainless steel plates when they choose. The second is the degree of tightness. The third is accessories. The first is anti-rust treatment. The general door panel manufacturer is made of galvanized steel sheet. The well-equipped manufacturers have spray-molding equipment, which will spray the outside of the galvanized sheet. It can increase the reliability of rust prevention, more beautiful and generous, and the overall fastening of each accessory. The accessories are formed into a whole by connecting the angle iron. The torsion spring is a key component of the garage door, and the weight of the door is mostly by the torsion spring. How wide and tall the door is, with a thick and long torsion spring. The torsion spring is best with the black manganese spring quality!Fourth: Installation technologySince there is no uniform standard for garage doors, installation is difficult. The door that the technically good teacher puts out can be pulled up and down with a finger, and the lifting force is slightly larger than the falling force. When the debugging is running, there is no noise. The garage door that can be used in all aspects of technology can be basically trouble-free for a long time. It is maintained once a year and the nylon roller can be replaced once every ten years.


Five: MisunderstandingSome dealers mislead consumers for some reasons. It is recommended that infrared detectors, sealing strips, and storage appliances be used. As a high-tech automation product, the remote control garage door really brings convenience to the car owners. As time goes by, the society continues to improve, the number of cars continues to increase, and the remote control garage door will become more and more popular.