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How to solve the problem when the door motor is running? Aug 09, 2018

How to solve the problem when the door motor is running?


High Quality,Reasonable Price AC,220v Or 110v ,250w,300KG Rolling Door Motor.jpgThere are often some faults in the operation of the fast door motor, and there are many such failure phenomena, such as the fuse of the fast door motor being blown or the motor protection device stopping. When the above problems occur, there are four main reasons for them being short-circuited wires, short circuits in the motor, incorrect wire connections, and short-circuits to the motor ground.

If it is found that the fault is caused by the short circuit of the wire, we can discharge the short circuit; if the cause of the fault is a short circuit in the motor, we should send the fast door motor to a special repair shop to solve the fault; but if it is connected by wire If something goes wrong, then we just have to correct the wiring. As for the cause of the fault, the motor is shorted to ground, and it needs to be sent to a special repair shop for repair.

When using the quick door, there will always be a quick door that does not work properly. When using a fast door motor, there may be a problem of drastic drop in speed or excessive noise. There are two reasons for the drastic drop in speed, first of all, load overload. We can use a way to reduce the load or switch the more powerful motor.