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What are the components of the signal relay? Aug 15, 2018

What are the components of the signal relay?


Signal Relay DPDT.jpgThe relay mainly realizes circuit control through the closing and opening of the contacts. Relays have a wide range of applications in urban rail transit vehicle control circuits. Most of the signal transmission and logic control of subway vehicles are realized by relays, such as door state, air brake state, pantograph control, driver's station activation, traction control, etc., which are controlled by relays. Due to the large number of relays used, the state of the relay will directly affect the operation of the vehicle. Relays play a vital role in the control circuit. The reliability of the relay directly affects the reliability and safety of the subway signal system.

The relay is composed of two major systems: the electromagnetic system and the contact system. Specifically composed of iron core, coil, armature, contact reed, etc. The relay uses a long square symbol to indicate the coil in the circuit. The contacts of the relay have two representations. One is to draw them directly on the long square side. This representation is more intuitive, and the other is connected according to the circuit. Need to, each contact is drawn into the respective control circuit, usually the same text symbol is marked next to the contact and coil of the same relay, and the contact group is numbered to show the difference.