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What is the difference between motor control and motion control? Oct 24, 2018

What is the difference between motor control and motion control?


Industrial Door Openers.jpgMotion control is mainly divided into two directions, one is motion control, usually used in the mechanical field; the other is process control, which is usually used in the chemical industry. Motion control refers to a servo system that originated in the early stage, based on the control of the motor, to achieve the control of the physical displacement of the object diagonal displacement, torque, speed and so on.

In the above definition, motor control is mentioned, but motor control and motion control are different. From a point of view, motor control is primarily concerned with controlling one or more of the torque, speed, and position of a single motor to a given value. The main focus of motion control is to coordinate multiple motors, complete the specified motion, and focus on trajectory planning, speed planning, and kinematics conversion; for example, the CNC machine tool should coordinate the XYZ axis motor and complete the interpolation action.

Motor control is often used as a part of the motion control system. It focuses on the control of the motor. It generally includes three control loops: position control, speed control and torque control. Generally, there is no planning capability.