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What is the intelligent performance of the motor? Oct 16, 2018

What is the intelligent performance of the motor?


Electric AC220V 800KG Wholesale Roller Shutter Door Motor With Electric Limit.jpgMechatronics and intelligence With the development of science and technology, mechatronics technology has been greatly developed. At the same time, various high-tech technologies have also injected new vitality into motor products. Manufacturing processes and management information technology have passed microelectronics, computers, The application of network technology, the encouragement of national policies, and the emphasis on science and technology by enterprises have gradually shortened the cycle of new product development. Mechatronics and intelligent motors (such as AC variable frequency speed control motors are a kind of stepless speed regulation transmission system) It came into being, and advanced manufacturing technologies such as speed control manufacturing and virtual manufacturing were promoted and applied. The technical performance level of China's motors is comparable to that of developed countries.

At present, the international advanced motor system has integrated functions such as diagnosis, protection, control and communication, which can realize self-diagnosis, self-protection, self-speed regulation and remote control of the motor system. With the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry in the direction of high, precise and sharp, and the integration of industrialization and informationization, the intelligent development of motor systems has become a necessary trend.

Motor technology has been relatively mature, high efficiency, high reliability, light weight miniaturization, and intelligentization are the future development trends. This is the promotion of high-efficiency motors, and the promotion of high-efficiency motor energy-saving technologies, such as copper rotor motors, brings opportunities.