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What is the performance of the motor's lightweight and miniaturization? Oct 09, 2018

What is the performance of the motor's lightweight and miniaturization?


Door Motors.jpgThe weight reduction and miniaturization of the motor can effectively save materials and save space, and are increasingly favored by users. Many products also place high demands on the size and weight of the motor, which is more obvious in petroleum, chemical, coal and other application fields. In order to achieve the goal of light weight and miniaturization, advanced technology and high-quality materials are adopted in the design process, and the design principle is optimized. Under the condition of effective materials, the weight of unit power is continuously reduced, which is the future development trend.

In addition, in some special fields, such as aerospace products, electric vehicles, CNC machine tools, computers, audio-visual products, medical equipment, portable opto-mechatronics products, etc., all of them impose strict requirements on small size and light weight. Excellent motor companies have also been working on the miniaturization of motors. In order to achieve miniaturization of the motor, many attempts have been made to research and develop a solution for the copper rotor motor.

In order to make full use of the characteristics of copper, take advantage of the research and development of cast copper rotor motor, optimize the design of the existing frame motor, reduce one or two frame numbers, ensure electrical performance, and achieve volume reduction and weight reduction. The purpose of cost reduction.