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Why does the motor vibrate? Oct 29, 2018

Why does the motor vibrate?


AC Roller Shutter Motors For Garage Doors.jpgMotor vibration is often caused by uneven air gap, causing single-sided electromagnetic pulling force, and pulling force further increases air gap. Electromechanical mixing acts as electromechanical vibration. The axial movement of the motor, the gravity or the installation level of the rotor itself and the electromagnetic tension caused by the magnetic center do not cause the axial movement of the motor, causing the vibration of the motor to increase, and the bearing bush is worn seriously, so that the temperature of the bearing bush rises rapidly and the vibration is found.

Before the motor is not stopped, use the vibration meter to check the vibration of each part. For the large part of the vibration, test the vibration value in three aspects according to the vertical horizontal axis. If the anchor screw or the bearing end cap screw is loose, it can be tightened directly, and then the vibration is measured to see if it is eliminated or lightened.

If the motor vibration is still not solved after the surface phenomenon is processed, the power supply must be disconnected to uncoupling the coupling. If the motor is vibrated, the motor itself has a problem. In addition, the power-off method can be used to distinguish between electrical reasons and mechanical reasons. When the power is cut off, the motor will not vibrate or the vibration will be relieved immediately, indicating that it is an electrical cause or a mechanical fault is being repaired for the cause of the fault.