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Why is the temperature rising during the operation of the motor? Aug 29, 2018

Why is the temperature rising during the operation of the motor?


Tube Motors.jpgFor motor products, on the one hand, the customer should be aware of the maintenance and maintenance of the motor operation process in a suitable way; on the other hand, it should continuously accumulate experience and common sense. Usually, the product uses maintenance instructions or user manuals to explain the maintenance and maintenance of the motor. Regular on-site verification and problem solving are effective ways to continuously accumulate experience and avoid major quality accidents.

When inspecting and checking the operation of the motor, you can touch the motor casing by hand to determine if the motor is overheated. In normal operation of the motor, the temperature of the casing will not be too high, generally between 40 ° C ~ 50 ° C, not too hot; if burnt, the temperature rise of the motor may be too high.

A more accurate method of measuring the temperature of a motor is to insert a thermometer into the hole of the motor ring to measure the temperature. The temperature measured by the thermometer is generally 10-15 ° C lower than the hot spot temperature of the winding. The hottest temperature is estimated based on the measured temperature. During normal operation, the maximum allowable temperature specified by the motor insulation rating shall not be exceeded.